ThanX Finance is now FortunX!

Please read our updated whitepaper here: https://fortunx.gitbook.io/fortunx-whitepaper/

A portion of ThanX, its tokenized economy and subsequent product line are in development stages. We encourage our readers and potential supporters to always do your own research when considering investing in speculative markets.

ThanX Finance is a crypto-based reward & loyalty platform that enables crypto enthusiasts to collect and spend crypto at global retailers by leveraging web3 technology.

We understand the challenges that come with trying to understand, buy, store and use crypto, and we're here to change that. Our platform removes the obstacles that have been preventing people from fully engaging with web3 technology and crypto.

We're also revolutionizing traditional loyalty programs. No more hundreds of point balances, expiration dates and redemption options. With ThanX, you'll enjoy the freedom of collecting valuable, tradable crypto that can be spent anywhere, giving you the power to make your rewards truly your own.

Our objectives:

  • Make it easy for anyone to earn and spend cryptocurrency in their everyday life

  • Remove barriers and make it easy for everyone to join the crypto world without prior knowledge or risking their money

  • Provide more utility to the entire crypto community by allowing users to collect rewards in various crypto tokens, not just our own

  • Foster a new era of loyalty programs that are fair, transparent, and rewarding for everyone involved

  • Contribute to the wider adoption of crypto and blockchain technology by providing a user-friendly, accessible, and exciting experience.

Our mission is to empower financial freedom by making crypto a part of people's daily lives.

We believe that by making it easy for anyone to collect crypto through loyalty programs, we can help to remove the barriers that have been preventing many people from getting involved with the crypto space. Join us on our mission to revolutionize the loyalty industry and make crypto accessible to all.

Note: this Whitepaper is subject to review and changes.

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