Tokenize real-world assets and bring mass crypto adoption.

Since Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, the first decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency, cryptocurrency adoption has been growing rapidly, similarly to the Internet’s adoption rate. Moreover, institutions and brands are starting to realize the potential of blockchain technology and started to invest human and financial resources to leverage the opportunity. Metaverse, GameFi, and Play-to-Earn are also getting a lot of attention from brands and people which is helping crypto awareness too. We believe brands will try to distinguish themselves from others by using crypto solutions and Shop-to-Earn models will gain more traction in the future.

Crypto is becoming mainstream and last year the global crypto population increased by +39%, rising from 306 million in January to 425 million in December. By the end of 2025, it is expected to reach almost 1 billion.

However, if the crypto industry wants to keep up this growth and live up to the above expectation then more projects need to focus on real-world solutions. The focus should not be just on gaining new crypto users but also on keeping them long-term and during bear markets.

Currently, crypto is mainly used to trade, stake, and transfer money but FortunX will bring this to a new level. Crypto natives can finally take advantage of their holdings in their everyday life by spending them on e.g. gift cards to save real money, while non-tech savvy newcomers can simply start collecting crypto and explore the power of blockchain over time at their own pace while we slowly pull them into crypto.

We are here to unite the power of blockchain and well-proven rewarding solutions into one ecosystem which will serve as a bridge between crypto and real life.

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