⚒️Team (hiring)

We're expanding our team with developers, designers and marketing professionals!

If you're interested, contact Roland via socials or by email at hello@fortunx.com

Roland Lesku - CEO & Co-founder - Twitter

4 years of experience in information technology sales at companies like Canon and Flex. Early FinTech adaptor and crypto enthusiast.

Krisztián Lesku - COO & Co-founder - Twitter

Experience in the Financial Services industry at Wise (formerly TransferWise). Wrote his thesis about crypto (Cryptocurrencies - The dawn of a new financial era) in 2018 and took part in various crypto projects since then.

Krisztián Barta - Full-Stack Blockchain Developer

Multiple ETHGlobal hackathon participant and experience working with web3 companies like Moralis, QuickNode and Lens Protocol.

Satyam Modanwal - Community Manager

IT professional, crypto enthusiast, and social media manager for crypto projects with 3 years+ of experience. ​

Webino Studio - Developers

A group of veteran full-stack developers with 10+ years of experience in developing web apps and databases.

Maurice Deuss - Advisor

10+ years at Flex as a Business Development Director and CEO of crypto project Turu Global.

Miklós Kovács - Mentor

CFO & COO at Antavo Loyalty Management Platform with clients like KFC and BMW.

Margó Kohanecz - Mentor

Strategic Management and Digital Marketing Consultant.

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