💰For Users

In order to increase crypto awareness and adoption, we need products people can easily use without prior knowledge. Therefore, we are not just developing our solution for the crypto natives but for mainstream, non-tech savvy persons too.

Some user benefits include:

  • Automatically earn free crypto when shopping and save money when redeeming crypto for gift cards and discounts.

  • All in one platform to earn, redeem and convert FNX tokens.

  • Gamified elements like leaderboard, tiers and price wheels.

  • Wide range of rewarding activities e.g. shopping, video watching and surveys.

  • Social impact by supporting good causes with donations.

  • The first go-to solution for people who want to get into crypto. No prior knowledge is needed.

We will actively engage with our community on how we can improve the FortunX exosystem and implement the requested features.

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