Building customer loyalty was always a central issue for companies and a crucial factor for users as well. Loyalty programs were evolving through the centuries and the most important thing was to serve the needs of retailers and customers via efficiency, acceptability, simplicity and usability.

The difficulties of participating in loyalty programs need to be abolished, and we think cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology can have an important role in it.

In spite of the warnings and attempts to scare people away from cryptocurrencies, the market is continuously reacting differently. It goes contrary to the predictions and assumptions as more people tend to use them.

We believe cryptocurrencies will be the mainstream currencies after the world sees the potential behind this relatively new technology. Our goal is to boost adoption by providing a low-threshold, simple and free way of collecting crypto for the users, while also keeping in mind the needs of retailers by providing a new way to address the crypto generation via a revolutionized loyalty program built for the consumer society.

There is a saying that β€œBitcoin will do to banks what email did to the postal industry.” We are on the exact same mission, but ThanX Finance is revolutionizing loyalty programs with the power of blockchain technology & cryptocurrencies. Join our mission and make history with us!

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