🤝For Brands

Brands joining our platform will take advantage of the trending crypto space and its growing community. No need to hire professionals and spend millions of dollars to build a crypto strategy and its technical background. Just partner with us and share a commission if FortunX brings customers.

Some benefits for brands worth considering:

  • Generate additional revenue by targeting crypto communities

  • Gain new high-value customers through our platform and marketing activities

  • Personalized and targeted campaigns and customer incentives to drive transactions

  • Easily take part in the crypto world without any hassle and upfront cost.

With our solution, we aim to build a win-win platform both for our users and partners. The users can easily participate in a crypto-cashback loyalty program by earning FNX tokens, which can be used for getting discounts and trading on one platform. Partners can attract new and loyal customers and encourage them to shop more with personalized promotions.

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