Project Earnings

Our goal is to create a thriving ecosystem that benefits both our users and token holders. Our mission is to reward our users while generating sustainable value for our token holders. To achieve this, we have implemented several mechanisms in our tokenomics that ensure the long-term success of our platform.

To help maintain the value of the FNX token, we have designed the following distribution plan for our protocol revenues.

On-Chain 1% Utility Fee

On-chain revenue will be generated through a 1% utility fee on all on-chain transactions within our ecosystem. This includes transactions such as cashback withdrawals, swapping, redeeming, and staking. The generated utility fee will be shared 100% with FNX stakers, helping to incentivize staking and support the value of the token.

The 1% utility fee will also apply to the buying or selling of FNX tokens but only for the first 6 months after the token launch.

Off-Chain Revenue

In addition to the on-chain utility fee, we generate revenue from our off-chain activities. We receive a percentage of the purchase value from our brand partners when users shop with them and receive FNX tokens as cashback.

We are committed to returning the full amount of cashback rewards we receive from our partners back into the ecosystem.

The off-chain revenue will be used as follows:

  • Quarterly, 30% of the revenue will be used for buying back FNX tokens on the secondary market to burn them.

  • Quarterly, 70% will be used to offer incentives like APY boosts and perks like gift cards, discounts, coupons, and vouchers that are redeemable for FNX tokens.

We're going to implement additional revenue streams in the future, such as premium memberships and advertising, which will further grow the ecosystem. We will also build and enhance partnerships among crypto projects by incentivizing our users to use their solutions or services like buying NFTs or trading on specific DEXs. These additional revenue streams will ensure our platform's continued growth and sustainability.

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